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Indiana Envirothon

Envirothon is a competitive learning event for high school-aged students. Envirothon tests the student’s knowledge of environmental resources including aquatics, soils, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues. “Like” the Indiana Envirothon on Facebook and check out the NCF Envirothon site. How Envirothon works Teams of five students, representing a school or organization, compete by answering questions […]

Trade Show

2020 Trade Show for Exhibitors at the Annual Conference of Indiana Soil and Water Conservation Districts The Trade Show at the Annual Conference of Indiana Soil and Water Conservation Districts is an excellent opportunity to connect with 450 conservationists representing rural, urban, and suburban natural resources interests in Indiana. Conference attendees represent land users from across […]


NRCS documents regarding the role of Local Working Groups (LWG): Attachment A LWG Letter to SWCD Chair Attachment B LWG Sample Meeting Agenda Attachment C LWG Survey Questions Attachment D Resource Area summary of RC priorties Attachment E Resource Concern Categories Attachment F STC Letter on LWG to ISTC IB 300-19-24 Role and Establishment of […]

For Districts

Coronavirus Information and Updates for Indiana Districts USDA-NRCS: Updated Service Center Status and Continued Service (posted 6-17-20) SWCD Board Governance and Operations – Coronavirus update  (dated 5-8-20) IN NRCS Emergency Animal Mortality Fact Sheet (posted 5-1-20) State Board of Accounts memoradum regarding Electronic Signature (dated 4-14-20) COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide (dated 4-8-20) Purdue Extension COVID […]

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