Jamie Scott and Senator Ryan MishlerIASWCD Secretary Jamie Scott, right, Kosciusko County SWCD, congratulates State Senator Ryan Mishler, District 9, after he received the Legislator of the Year Award at the 2013 Conservation Day sponsored by the Indiana Conservation Alliance at the Statehouse.



The Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and our 92 SWCDs represent over 450 volunteers across the state.

Local Districts are uniquely positioned to bring a critical environmental perspective to land use and economic development decisions. The future of conservation in Indiana is bright and the potential of local Districts is unlimited thanks to the commitment from elected officials and individuals, and due to continued support for Indiana conservation through Clean Water Indiana funding.

SWCDs are governed by boards comprised of "supervisors:" local men and women serving in these elected or appointed positions. The supervisors, along with staff at the local level, help put conservation on the ground with landowners in the country, in our cities and towns, and the land areas in between. 

The Indiana Association of SWCDs represents the interests of local Districts as one voice, and assists their leadership through coordination and education for the wise use and management of our natural resources.

Whether you live on a farm, in a small town, or in the heart of an urban center, health and sustainable Indiana communities begin with the wise management of our natural resources.


2013 Annual Report

National Association of Conservation Districts

Get Involved With Your SWCD

Help your county SWCD with legislative awareness programs for local, state and federal officials, conservation programs, urban and agricultural BMPs (Best Management Practices) field days, fundraising, tree sales, youth and adult edu-cation events or surveying.

Serve as a Supervisor
Represent your community on the county SWCD board as a natural resource decision maker. Identify local soil and water conservation issues and develop SWCD programs that provide solutions to these issues.

Serve as an Associate SupervisorAttend monthly board meetings and provide input to the SWCD board on local soil and water conservation issues and programs.