Indiana’s District Showcase Award is designed to highlight the success of four local Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) in the Hoosier state. The award focus allows Districts the opportunity to share new project ideas or better ways to design and implement existing conservation projects, etc. The award is sponsored by the Indiana Conservation Partnership.

Applications for the 2022 Indiana District Showcase Award are now open!

The application is online and must be completed by
July 29, 2022. 

The online application includes the collection of contact information and one Narrative Question (below):

Describe why your SWCD should be showcased for a specific project(s), program(s) or activity(s) in soil and water conservation. Note: Points will be awarded based on how well the description includes these nine points and they must be addressed in this narrative: (1) specific customer(s) targeted (urban, rural, ag, general public, etc.), (2) conservation practices highlighted, (3) outreach and communication to the targeted customer(s), (4) how the work fits into the SWCDs Business Plan, (5) Partnership involvement (both traditional and non-traditional), (6) funding mechanisms (if appropriate), (7) environmental and conservation benefits of the work (quantified if possible), (8) any measurable results of the work, and (9) how the project has strengthened the SWCD.

A Sample Narrative for the District Showcase Award application is being provided this year.


District Showcase Winners 2008-2021