IASWCD Board Committee Structure

The standing committees of the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts are Governance, Finance, Legislative and Executive. Each February, the IASWCD board of directors will determine priorities for the year and establish any needed ad-hoc (short-term / temporary) or advisory (long-term) committees. Clear roles and responsibilities for each of these will be detailed at the time they are formed.

The Association president is responsible for assigning committee chairs for each ad-hoc or advisory committee formed. At least one member of the board of directors will be assigned to each ad-hoc or advisory committee. All standing and ad-hoc / advisory committees report to the full board of directors. Only the full board of directors can form a standing or ad-hoc / advisory committee.

If you have any questions about the IASWCD committee structure, contact Joe Schmees,  Executive Director (joseph-schmees@iaswcd.org).


Chair: Secretary serves as chair.

Responsibilities: Conducts an assessment of overall board performance annually; evaluates board members individually annually; evaluates needs of the board; identifies best possible board prospects; develops / evaluates job descriptions for officers and directors; explains roles and responsibilities of board members to prospects and those nominated for officers; nominates officers for election slate (slate must be ready for board approval by Oct. 15 of each year); oversees orientation process of new board members; develops continuing board education / training.


Chair: Treasurer serves as chair.

Responsibilities: Budget development (ad-hoc committee to include the finance committee); arranges for annual audit; provides analysis of budget and ensures consistency between the budget and the mission, goals and priorities of the IASWCD; develops investment policies and reviews as needed; develops internal control policies and reviews as needed; does not include managing on a daily basis; reviews insurance coverage on a yearly basis; ensures board receives accurate and timely financial reports.


Co-Chairs head this committee

NACD/National Issues representative appointed by the board annually.

Responsibilities: Develops legislative strategies; researches legislative issues; provides contacts, materials and information with state legislators; calls SWCD supervisors to action as needed; develops relationships with other coalitions; involves IASWCD region directors in garnering grassroots support; provides the tools necessary to accomplish this; develops the annual legislative breakfast with staff to be held during the annual conference.


Includes: Officers plus the executive director (non-voting)

Responsibilities: Acting for the full board in between meetings in case of an emergency; coordinating the full board’s review of the executive director’s performance and compensation; serving as a sounding board / liaison for the executive director; oversees that the board is functioning in accordance with its mission, goals and priorities.

Natural Resources Policy Advisory Committee

Includes: Representatives from different counties across the state

Responsibilities: The focus of the Natural Resource Policy Committee is to represent the interests of Districts in the formation of state and national natural resource policy. The purpose of this committee is to assemble individuals having expertise in a broad range of conservation and natural resource issues; to identify and prioritize natural resource issues on an ongoing basis and gain consensus on appropriate policy options; to forward recommendations to the IASWCD board along with suggested actions; to develop resolutions to be considered by Districts and voted on by the delegate body; to encourage follow-up and follow-through on actionable items through members participation on various other committees and task forces as appropriate; to determine relevance of existing policy items to natural resource issues, to identify outdated policy and to develop a policy format that will be coherent and accessible.