Hey there, District employees! IDEA is the Indiana District Employee Association, and they’re all about helping District staff connect, learn, and grow in their roles.

Who IDEA Are

IDEA is a group of SWCD employees who have come together to create a supportive community. They believe in the power of unity, and are dedicated to making their District the best it can be. Their vision for this association is a network of professional conservationists who, by sharing their expertise and skills, provide quality service to all customers.

What IDEA Does

IDEA is all about providing resources, events, and opportunities that help you succeed in your role. From monthly meetups to professional development workshops, they’ve got you covered.

Connect with Your Peers

One of the best parts of IDEA is the chance to connect with other district employees. We host a variety of events throughout the year, including:

  • Monthly networking meetups
  • Annual IDEA conference
  • Professional development workshops

Join Us

Ready to become part of IDEA? Just head over to their main website to get started. There, you’ll find more information about the association, as well as how to join.

Visit the IDEA website now to join this staff community!