Statewide Initiatives

IASWCD leverages federal, state, and local grant dollars to develop and maintain programs and staffing that help Districts and their communities achieve their conservation goals. Like a patchwork quilt, each District is unique, and each of our programs is designed to meet Districts and their customers where they are. Our programs provide outreach and assistance to farmers, foresters, livestock producers, and market growers of all sizes.

Resilient Indiana (RITA)

Resilient Indiana Technical Assistance for SWCDs, or RITA, employs boots-on-the-ground staff to assist Districts with their TA workloads. RITA technicians have the tools producers need to build their own climate resilience. Contact RITA here.

Urban Soil Health Program (USH)

The Urban Soil Health program gets conservation on the ground through connecting urban, small, and diversified operations to technical assistance. USH develops local working groups to enable locally-led conservation for these growers. Contact USH here.

Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative (CCSI)

CCSI is a program of the Indiana Conservation Partnership, housed under IASWCD’s fiscal umbrella. promotes the adoption of science-based, farmer-proven practices through grassroots leadership. CCSI envisions an Indiana with healthy and productive soils, clean water, profitable and resilient agriculture, healthy, diverse ecosystems, and where our communities embrace a conservation ethic. Contact CCSI here.