Indiana’s Soil and Water Conservation District Staff and Supervisors receive relevant virtual and in-person training via annual regional gatherings, a statewide conference, weekday lunch ‘n learn sessions, and partnerships with Indiana Conservation Partners, such as the Board Certification Program (BCP) available on the Indiana State Department of Agriculture’s website.

Funding Opportunities

IASWCD informs Indiana’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts about funding opportunities to enhance county or state appropriations. Additionally, IASWCD represents districts at the statehouse, advocating for state funding via the Clean Water Indiana program, administered by the Indiana State Soil Conservation Board (SSCB).


Supporting the local efforts of Indiana’s 92 Soil and Water Conservation Districts includes providing them with resources. IASWCD distributes information about these resources via their newsletter and website.

Indiana District Employee Association

IDEA’s mission is to enhance local conservation programs through a network which provides leadership, support and education for its members and other SWCD employees.

Job Opportunities

Looking for a job opportunity where your work makes a difference? View the job board to learn more.

Find a Local District

In each of Indiana’s 92 counties, a Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) collaborates with farmers, landowners, conservation partners and the community to advance water quality and promote natural resource stewardship at the local level.