As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, IASWCD can lead and engage in legislative advocacy and lobbying on behalf of SWCDs. The Association:

  • Advocates for maintaining and increasing Clean Water Indiana funding
  • Testifies on bills related to conservation, e.g. wetlands and watershed policies
  • Retains a lobbyist who keeps a pulse on the Statehouse during session
  • Trains Districts on how to talk to legislators, host legislative tours, and more
  • Coordinates Statehouse visits for District staff and supervisors
  • Coordinates an annual visit to Washington, D.C. to maintain relationships with our legislators on Capitol Hill and advocate for conservation in federal policy, including the Farm Bill
  • Provides regular legislative updates to all Districts during session


Spring 2024: Upcoming resources will include “How to Advocate for Your District with Your County’s Elected Officials” and “Tips on How and Why to Create Real Relationships with Legislators.

Legislative Committee

IASWCD’s legislative work is led by a committee of the Board of Directors. The committee is updating its Guiding Principles as of spring 2024. When complete, this resource will be posted here.

Current Bills of Interest (Close of 2024 Session)