IASWCD is a sponsor of CCCW. Clear Choices, Clean Water is a campaign to increase awareness about choices we make and the impact they have on our streams and lakes.

IASWCD invested time exploring ways to partner with CCCW in order to make the program and educational materials available to all Districts. A webinar was presented in May 2017 to inform districts about the CCCW program.  After a survey was distributed and results tallied, it was decided by the IASWCD board to enter into an agreement with CCCW to benefit the districts. Districts were given a chance to “sign on” with the CCCW campaign through IASWCD by April 1, 2018. After that date, additional districts may participate but will be a part of the program for a smaller portion of the two year agreement – depending on when they decide to join.  Please contact IASWCD if you are interested in participating in the CCCW two-year agreement.

View the webinar slides from May presentation