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ISDA-IASWCD Indiana District Leveraging Sheet Presentation (August 2021)
The ISDA District Support Specialists have a tool for districts that can aid in making the case to elected officials for support by demonstrating return on investment. Districts provide technical assistance and lead grants and programs that bring additional resources into the community, and the leveraging sheet can help define those resources. This webinar covers the basics of the district leveraging sheet, how to complete it with examples, and then concludes with a discussion on how to use the information when talking with elected officials. (Presenters: Joe Schmees, Executive Director, Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Laura Fribley, District Support Specialist, Indiana State Dept of Agriculture)


IASWCD and ISDA hosted the four state quadrant region meetings in June 2021. All four were recorded and include an Opening Welcome from your IASWCD Region Directors, Partner Updates, an Ice Breaker/Baby Photo game and a Local Project Highlight. Click on each meeting below to view the recording. A link to the Chat Box text has been included as contact information and additional resources were provided there during the meeting.

NORTHWEST – June 8 at 12 noon
Project Highlight: Pollinators/GLRI (Porter County)
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SOUTHEAST – June 10 at 7 pm
Project Highlight: Transformation & Partnerships (Floyd County)
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SOUTHWEST – June 15 at 12 noon
Project Highlight: Tree Program (Clay County)
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NORTHEAST – June 17 at 7 pm
Project Highlight: Rallying Support (Grant County)
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April 7 @ 12 noon: Video and Audio Editing RECORDING
An overview of free software options for editing videos to post on Facebook and YouTube.  From the basics of recording PowerPoint presentations, to removing background noise and adding text, music, and pictures to your videos.  Software featured will include Audacity, VSDC Video Editor, and PowerPoint.  Attendees will also learn about additional resources for utilizing these programs. 
Speaker: Emily Finch, Invasive Species Specialist, Dubois/Martin/Daviess County SWCD 
Handout for this session

April 14 @ 12 noon: Urban and Small-Scale Ag Considerations RECORDING
There is growing emphasis on reaching urban and small-scale agricultural producers among Indiana’s conservation agencies. While many Districts may not have many of these producers, their numbers are increasing. The IASWCD’s new state-wide Urban Soil Health program has been created to reach these growers, and help Districts better support them. We’ll share examples of urban and small farms, what they’re doing to implement soil health practices, and equipment these small-scale growers often use. We’ll touch on other considerations when working with urban growers – including soil contamination and Organic practices. Learn about some needs we’ve heard from urban and small farmers. We’ll wrap up with the goals of the Urban Soil Health program and how Districts can get involved. Speaker: Elli Blaine, Director, Urban Soil Health Program
Handout for this session (updated 4-15-21)

April 21 @ 12 noon: Indiana Envirothon RECORDING
Envirothon is an annual environmentally-themed academic competition for high school students. Competitions are held by region, state, nation and worldwide. It is designed to enhance interest in the environment and natural resources by testing the student’s knowledge of soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology and current environmental issues. Envirothon combines cooperative decision-making, team building, problem solving and leadership in a fun and educational competition where students are empowered to think beyond their own lives and encouraged to pursue careers in environmental fields. Come hear how Indiana’s Envirothon program is thriving and how your district can get involved! 
Speaker: Nicole Messacar, Education Coordinator, LaPorte County SWCD.



Legislative Wrap-Up (April 27, 2021) RECORDING

Midsession Legislative Update (February 26, 2021) RECORDING

The Legislative Process (December 9, 2020) RECORDING
 This training opportunity will provide an overview of the legislative process, and provide some updates on how things may look differently in 2021 due to COVID. Use this opportunity to be in the know on what’s going on, and prepare yourself to be an effective participant in the legislative process. The speaker will be IASWCD Lobbyist, Cresswell Hizer.

Talking with Legislators (December 16, 2020) RECORDING
This training opportunity will provide tips and tricks for communicating with legislators and other elected officials. Wondering where to start? This is the opportunity for you to learn new skills, and begin to piece together a game plan for how you can communicate with your elected officials this year. The speaker will be IASWCD Executive Director, Joe Schmees, with help from IASWCD Lobbyist Cresswell Hizer.


October 6 Lunch ‘n Learn: Stormwater Protection in Indiana (presented by Katie Jamriska, American Water) recording.

October 13 Lunch ‘n Learn: Rule 5 Updates (presented by Randy Braun and Rob Beck, IDEM) – recording.

October 20 Lunch ‘n Learn: Using the Hoosier Resilience Index and FutureWater to Communicate Floodplain Preparedness Needs to Local Governments (presented by Janet McCabe, Director, Environment Resilience Institute, Professor of Practice, McKinney School of Law) – recording.

October 27 Lunch ‘n Learn: IDEM Wetland Permitting Tool (Presented by IDEM’s: Erin Lish, Heather Parson, J. Turner; and, IDNR’s: Bryan Denman) – recording.

VirTuesday Training Series – Aug/Sept 2020

VirTuesday Training: Succession Planning  for Districts presented by Tara Wesseler-Henry and Jennifer Thum, ISDA and hosted by IASWCD staff, Joe Schmees and Amy Work on August 25, 2020.
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PowerPoint presentation as a pdf – posted on the ISDA Conservation Link

VirTuesday Training: Effective Board Meetings presented by Joe Schmees, IASWCD and hosted by ISDA and IASWCD staff on September 1, 2020.
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PowerPoint presentation as a pdf:
PowerPoint presentation as a pdf

VirTuesday Training: Roles & Responsibilities of District Staff and Supervisors –  presented by Geneva Tyler and Laura Fribley (both ISDA) with opening keynote by Brad Dawson (State Soil Conservation Board Chairman) on September 8, 2020.  (View Chat box comments and questions.)
PowerPoint presentation as a pdf

Other Trainings:

YOUR Association: Not Your Ordinary Association – Joe Schmees’ presentation at the August 2019 District Summer Trainings in Fulton, Orange, Delaware and Putnam Counties.