Marketing is an essential part of a District’s sustainability plan. Use marketing tools and skills to raise your profile locally, recruit new supervisors, attract funding opportunities, and more!

If people don’t know you exist, then how can you achieve your goals?

The best tools for attracting funding opportunities are ones that share your District’s successes and show how you leveraged your resources to enhance conservation in your area. The ICP Reports are by far the best tool to use for this purpose.

Social Media

You don’t have to be “good” at social media to use these increasingly important tools – you just have to “show up!” Making a couple posts regularly doesn’t take any time. Below are some ideas for ways to leverage social media:

  • Did a business sponsor one of your events? Thank them on Facebook or Twitter!
  • Are you partnering with another organization on a project? Mention them!
  • Journalists love social media – reach out to local newspapers, radio, and TV stations through social media.
  • Take some video at a field day, post it on YouTube, and share it in your newsletter and on other social media!
  • Connect with your legislators and thank them for their support!
  • Look at IASWCD on Facebook and Twitter
  • Visit CCSI on Facebook and Twitter

News Releases

Do you have an exciting event coming up? Did you just start or complete a major project? Do you want to recognize the contributions of a valuable Supervisor or local farmer / landowner / partner? Write a news release! (Then share it on social media, of course!)

  • News releases should always include the 5 W’s:
    • Who, What, When, Where, Why (and sometimes How)
  • Send the news release to print publications, online publications, radio and TV stations, and if it’s a large project consider sending it to nearby counties or state-level news organizations
  • Post it on social media, too!

Print Materials for Districts:

Standard District Brochure:  PDF, please add your own District’s label. Note: if you need assistance with placing your District’s specific logo on this brochure, please contact Amy Work at

The Water Cycle: Nature’s Recycling System is a poster produced by NRCS. It is available for purchase.